The Golden Estate -Explore Luxurious Amenities with Dream Villas in Aligarh

Dream Villas in Aligarh

Hello, and welcome to The Golden Estate, the best place in Aligarh to find dream villas. There are only 40 ultra-luxurious villas in this gated community, and they were all inspired by world-class resorts in Chicago, London, and Singapore.

Beautiful Places to Live

The villas at The Golden Estate are made for people who like nice things in life. With 3 to 6 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, multiple rooms that can be used for different things, and servant quarters, each villa has a large floor plan. Each villa offers a peaceful and lovely place to live with views of a different feature, such as a hill, fountain, or garden.

A Lot of Great Amenities

The Golden Estate has great amenities for its residents, such as a dedicated concierge service that takes care of spa, laundry, in-room dining, valet, and driver-hire services. There is a business center for people who work from home. Fans of sports can play basketball, badminton, squash, and golf, and an 8-level security system makes sure everyone is safe.

Great Location and Living in an Eco-Friendly Way

The Golden Estate is conveniently located just 10 minutes away from Aligarh’s best schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and hotels, making it easy to get to all the services you need. Electric golf carts, which clean up the air and noise, are also used to encourage eco-friendly living in the community.

Large Plots and Lovely Landscaping

The plots at The Golden Estate range from 500 to over 2,000 square yards, which is more than enough room for a luxurious home. With more than 75% open space and carefully planned landscaping, residents can enjoy a peaceful and beautiful setting.


At The Golden Estate in Aligarh, you can find your dream villa. This is a place where luxury, convenience, and eco-friendly living come together to make a great way of life.

Disclaimer: The Golden Estate is a Plotted Colony developed by Ozone Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. Construction (with standardised facade) has to be done by Plot Buyer at his own expense. Terms and conditions apply.


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